According to the recently completed Local Content Policy, oil and gas operators are obligated to prepare and submit annual local content plans (LCPs), which outlines their estimated local content usage.

The document says that operators shall describe in their yearly LCPs, the activities and programmes that address employment and training of Guyanese persons and capacity development of Guyanese suppliers, as well as other capacity development initiatives to support local education, national training institutions and local research and development.

Further to that, the document policy states that in association with each project and related work activities described in the yearly LCPs, operators shall provide a list of job positions anticipated to be required by the operator and by primary contractors, and provide yearly estimates of the utilisation of Guyanese labour. They must list job crafts/roles/expertise by work activity, and how these map onto job positions such as senior management; professional, supervisory/middle management; skilled; semi-skilled; and basic-skilled.

The policy was completed earlier this week. In it, government has included its intent that the document be implemented in full, with Government, Operators, Primary Contractors and sub-contractors all cooperating and working positively and constructively to deliver the policy in both letter and spirit.

As a backstop to assure policy delivery, the government is considering codification of the policy through regularisation, underpinned by the necessary legal framework, consistent with international trade obligations, including under the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
In the interim, it is the government’s expectation that all relevant parties implement the policy speedily, comprehensively and in good faith, facilitating the smooth transition of all parties to formal regulation in due course.


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