The A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) in its recently launched elections manifesto outlined various plans for the Security sector. Under its Security Programme, “Promoting our people’s safety”, the Coalition said that it will expand its Safe City Project (SCP) to Capital Towns.

The SCP is a component of the US$32M National Broadband Project, which was received from the Chinese Government over two years ago. Over 100 intelligence surveillance cameras have been strategically placed across Georgetown as part of the Safe City System. All cameras are transmitting visual to a command centre located in the Capital. Those that are placed at the ports of entry have facial recognition capabilities that run against a database of those persons wanted by either local or foreign law enforcement officials. The Coalition said that it wants to now implement the SCP in all the towns.

The manifesto also entails plans to provide modern vehicles and equipment to members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“…All police vehicles will have on-board computers and communications equipment linked to a command centre and that every police officer will be issued with modern body-armour, tasers guns, body-radios and body-cameras,” it stated.

Additionally, there are also plans to continue the upgrade of police stations with modern conveniences and technology; upgrade the Emergency Response System with the aid of relevant technology; continue to support and strengthen Community Policing Groups (CPGs) to enhance trust within local communities; Continue to strengthen intelligence and counter-intelligence forces in the Defence and Police Forces; continue to professionalise the GPF and ensure that complaints against officers are properly investigated and the necessary action taken; complete the modern prison at Mazaruni, Region No.7; and to develop a new National Police Academy with regional branches to make policing more attractive to youth and to create a better educated Police Force.

Under the caption, “protecting property”, the manifesto also entails plans to intensify training of police officers in specialist areas such as prosecution, financial crimes, fraud, cyber-crime and identity theft; strengthen cyber security capabilities countrywide and across government agencies; integrate databases across Government agencies and use modern technological tools so that wanted criminals could be immediately recognised and arrested; and, continue to address the causes of crime through the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act and the entrepreneurship programme for youths at risk.

On the issue of safeguarding the Nation’s sovereignty, the Coalition said that it will equip the Guyana Defence Force to protect the country’s borders and Maritime Zone; continue to safeguard citizenship and sustain measures to monitor immigration, migration, deportation, birth registration and the issuance of National passports; strengthen efforts against human trafficking; strengthen the Foreign Service to extend protection of Guyanese citizens wherever they reside; and deepen regional, hemispheric and international partnerships to secure and maintain Guyana’s territorial integrity.


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