The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) is urging broadcasters to be especially vigilant during the elections period. The Authority said that it is cognizant of the reality that during the elections period, tensions and emotions are elevated.

“Thus, it is the responsibility of broadcasters to ensure that content broadcast is reflective of the principles and core tenets outlined in the Broadcasting Act of 2011. The Authority continues to record instances where callers make inappropriate remarks during live call-in programmes; and programme moderators fail to caution callers against inflammatory content or immediately discontinue the call,” the GNBA said.

Consequently, the Authority wishes to reiterate the need for stations to incorporate a delay mechanism to prevent the screening of inappropriate content. Broadcasters are reminded that they are held accountable under the Broadcasting Act and Broadcasting Licence for all content broadcast.

GNBA has observed recently that some stations are carrying live political rallies. Notwithstanding the provision of Freedom of Expression as guaranteed by the Constitution of Guyana, together with the accepted understanding that election campaigns provide an occasion whereby political views and positions on governance are freely expressed as part of the democratic process.

However, utterances that are designed to or are likely to incite public clamourous behaviour, racial mistrust and misinformation should be avoided by broadcasters.

The Authority said that carrying live political meetings leaves the broadcaster exposed to broadcasting violations under the Broadcasting Act, which does not cater for the latitude of language used at live political rallies.

GNBA said that it remains optimistic that broadcasters will incorporate the necessary systems and practices at their respective stations to ensure broadcast content is effectively reviewed before screening at this sensitive period in our country.


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