Investigators probing the murder of Rose Hall grocer, Lomenzo Johnny, whose bound body was found in a farm not far from his home at Portuguese Quarters, Port Mourant, Berbice have discovered that a safe is missing from his home.

Further to this, the cops were able to recover 22 latent prints from the businessman‘s Lot 11 East Side Line Dam Portuguese property where he operated a supermarket in the lower flat of the building.

The ranks will run the prints through their database in hopes of finding a match. The 47-year-old man’s body was found around 07:45 hrs this morning by a construction worker. The police say he is suspected to have been murdered between this morning and 19:30 hrs yesterday.

Guyana Standard has been informed that the businessman was last seen jogging last night, suggesting that he might have been killed when he was exercising in the farmyard. His body was clad in the same clothes he was seen wearing yesterday.

According to information received, the suspect(s) removed one of the laces from the deceased’s sneakers and strangled him with it. A piece of wood was found in close proximity of the body—indicating that he was struck in the head first.

It is suspected that persons who are familiar with the deceased’s daily routine might have waited on him at the isolated area and attacked him before raiding his home. There was no evidence of forced entry at the property. The police believe that the suspects used the deceased’s keys to get into his house.

At this point, there is no suspect. Investigation is ongoing.


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