The European Union Election Observation Mission (EUEOM), today, deployed 20 short-term observers. They joined the 14 long-term observers, who have been observing electoral preparations and the campaign across the 10 regions since 4 February.

The short-term observers will cover all 10 regions on Election Day, observing in both urban and rural areas. They will be the eyes and the ears of the mission during polling, counting and tabulation of results.

Prior to their deployment, the short-term observers received a three-day in-depth briefing in Georgetown on all aspects of the electoral process. The mission will also be joined by eight diplomats from EU member states accredited to Guyana. In total, the EUEOM will comprise on Election Day of 55 observers from 25 member states and Norway.

The EUEOM observers will be visiting polling stations to observe and take note of how the voting is conducted, assessing issues such as respect of the right to vote, secrecy of the vote, performance of polling staff, the role of party agents and domestic observers and women’s participation. During the counting, observers will assess the transparency, accuracy and integrity of the process. They will also observe tabulation of results by returning officers in all 10 regions until the announcement of the results.

The EU EOM will issue a preliminary statement of its initial findings on 4 March during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel. A more comprehensive final report, including recommendations for future elections, will be presented approximately two to three months later.

The EOM said that it is independent in its findings and conclusions and EU observers will adhere to a strict code of conduct for international observers that require they maintain strict neutrality and impartiality in the course of their work and do not interfere in the electoral process.


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