The failure by the Returning Officers (ROs) to publicly declare elections in their respective districts is adding to the mounting unease being experienced by the business community. This is according to the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Captain Gerry Gouveia, during a media conference this afternoon.

Gouveia said that this apprehension does not bode well of the business community or the economy at large. He added that the delay in declaring the results is fueling “individual paranoia”, and the Commission has been reaching out to its members to be patient during this time.

“So, what this is causing for us in the Private Sector Commission – those of you who drove around the city today, would have noticed that the entire city is still shutdown, and that is not good for Guyana; it is not good for our economy…Across the city and a lot of parts of the country, there’s an apprehension by business owners and we are actually reaching out to say to them: ‘We have confidence in the GECOM system, and hopefully will get these results very quickly’” he said.

Gouveia said that one of the reasons why the PSC sought to become an observer at the March 2 Regional and General Elections was to ensure that it was at the forefront to ensure political stability.

He also took the time to call on political parties to be responsible in their predictions.

The pilot emphasised the PSC’s disappointment; saying that the reality is contrary to it thought was going to be a straight-forward tabulation process. He told the Guyana Standard that the PSC would have had a chance to examine the tabulation process at length, hence its position that the declarations should have been made already.


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