Its more than a month later and the Guyana Police Force has not said anything about the allegation made that a number of its senior detectives collected $10M from a City jeweller to conceal a case.

The case involved the discovery of a .45 sub machine gun and a large quality of ammunition in September, last on Church Street, Georgetown. Six persons, including the son of the City jeweller were arrested. No one was ever charged.

It has been reported that to hide the file, the detectives who were heading that investigation collected the multi million-dollar bribe. The arrested persons were all released.

This morning, a source from the Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility said that he is aware of the allegation but claimed that no instructions were passed for a probe to be done.

“The person’s name that is calling is senior to the head of the OPR so if any investigation is to be done, OPR cannot do the probe but we are aware of the allegation,” a source said.

The investigation has to be headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ASP). At least four ASPs were contacted. They all claimed that they are aware of the allegation but said there is no active probe.

Guyana Standard has been informed that junior ranks who were at the scene when the illegal firearm was found, were asked to write statements. No further instructions were passed.

The persons involved in the bribe are all senior detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department at Eve Leary, Georgetown. At least two of the officers have purchased SUVs shortly after the cash was passed.


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