The Ministry of Health (MOE) is no longer recommending self-quarantine of persons suspected to be infected with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). These persons are taken to an MOE facility, where they are isolated and kept under close watch.

This is according to the Health Minister, Volda Lawrence, who confirmed that the Ministry has indeed received reports of persons suspected of having the virus not upholding their promise to self-isolate. She said that when the reports are made, the ministry reaches out to the family members, who would often deny these claims.

The moving of these suspected cases to facilities, appear to be a precautionary measure against the intermingling of persons suspected of having COVID-19 and other persons not on the radar.

“All of those persons [suspected of having COVID-19] are within the facilities manned by the Ministry of Public Health. We will continue, now that we have those four facilities up and running. So, as of today, any new suspected case, any new person who would have been in contact, or in an area where we suspect that they may have been exposed, there is no more self-quarantine. All quarantine will now be done at the Ministry of Health facilities,” the minister said.


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