Sir Shridath Surendranath Ramphal has found it most regrettable that the CARIOM team that was flown in to oversee the recount of the votes for all 10 administrative regions, was forced to leave following an injunction granted by the High Court to block that said effort.

In his latest statement, Sir Ramphal said that CARICOM’s helpful intervention in trying to resolve the general elections process at the request of President David Granger and Opposition Leader, Bharat Jagdeo, was a ray of light that was most needed during the “darkness of disagreement.”

Sir Ramphal articulated that all Guyana should have welcomed it, as most Guyanese did. Further to this, he said that it is a wholly legitimate role of community that must not be smothered under any pretext whatsoever. On this note he said, “It is utterly regrettable that, despite the highest-level agreement between the political leaders of Guyana and five CARICOM Heads of Government acting for the Community, the invited CARICOM team to oversee the recount of the votes has had to withdraw. Guyana is being deprived of regional and international approval and the opportunity for global respect at a time when it matters most.”

Be that as it may, the former Commonwealth Secretary-General said that CARICOM has not closed the door to proving the preciousness of its familial ties with Guyana while adding, “It can still play the role Guyana’s two political leaders agreed it should.”

Sir Ramphal said what is required now is for all to place the interest of the nation above other narrow considerations that could mar the country’s prospects and retard the strides that the people of Guyana have made collectively.

“I urge that peace and progress be pursued lawfully and transparently,” Sir Ramphal concluded.


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