The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown is imploring persons to refrain from congregating in public places; and for all public and private offices to operate for no more than four hours daily.

The council is also asking persons to “limit” their presence at banks and other institutions unless the transactions are absolutely necessary.

Closure of Public Places

In order to safeguard the public health of the citizenry of Georgetown and the public at large, the M&CC said that approval was sought and granted for the following measures to be taken:

– The permission for public gatherings of more than five persons will not be granted. Please note that this does not include the presence of members of our City Constabulary and other persons engaged in essential duties.

– Public places will be closed as follows, save and except essential services / essential service providers:
● Bars and restaurants, except between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours. (6:00 am – 6:00 pm).
● Gymnasiums, movie theatres, libraries, play parks and other recreational facilities.
● Restaurants except for take-out and/or delivery services: dining or cluster of patrons at public restaurants and bars is prohibited.
● Hotels to remain open but are required to close pools, spas, gyms, tennis courts and other recreational facilities where persons cluster; hotel restaurants and bars to only operate room service, take out and/or delivery services.

Essential services/essential service providers have been listed. They include: Caregivers, for example, nurses and home helpers; collection, storage, purification and distribution of water for public use; hospitals, clinics and pharmacies; media and broadcasting services; medical and paramedical professionals; removal, handling or burial of deceased persons or disposal of dead animals; sanitation services for the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of sewage, garbage or refuse; security services (private); emergency first responders, the Joint Services; staff of pharmaceutical agencies; telecommunications providers; transport services and waterfront workers; supermarkets – provision of food supplies; provider of beverages and fuel service stations.


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