According to Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, government is currently considering a “risk allowance” for the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Minister Jordan made this comment while adding that the priority of the government is garnering resources to effectively respond to the pandemic.

Jordan said, “Very few countries have seen flattening curves and in Guyana we don’t have that as yet. Some have even gravely suggested that the worst is yet to come and hopefully that is not so but based on the climbing the numbers we fear the worst. It is over 57cases now.”

Considering the increasing number of positive cases and the money that will be spent on facilities to house them, Jordan said there are other expenses that must be looked at. In this respect he said, “…We have our doctors and nurses who are on the frontline and they are facing grave risks and we have to look at risk allowance to help them in facing these issues and in recognition that they are facing serious issues.”

As for the public servants, Jordan notes that in some territories, such workers have received pay cuts but he was keen to remind of his government’s commitment to ensure all public servants are paid until the end of the year. “That will be significant but it is something we have to bear,” the Minister concluded.


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