Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence said that 375 persons have been tested thus far, of which 305 were tested negative. This takes the number of confirmed cases to 70.

The number of deaths remain at seven. The total number of recovered cases is 12, the minister said.

Meanwhile, 17 persons are in institutional quarantine, and 51 in institutional isolation.

There are five persons in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Of the 70 positive cases, 66 contracted the virus locally.

For the period under review, 23 persons were admitted to the COVID-19 ICU. Of that number, 12 have improved and have been removed to a “stepdown” facility.

Five deaths have occurred in the ICU, and one person, so far, has recovered.
Globally, there are 2, 471,136 confirmed cases, with 169,006 deaths.
In the Region of the Americas, the number of confirmed cases is 925,291 with 44,775 deaths.

The minister said that challenges with “underreporting” continue as persons who would have encountered an infected person do not come forward. She said this is mainly due to the “associated stigma”.

“I assure you my fellow Guyanese: this attitude will take us nowhere, expect to add to our death toll. Guyanese, my dear Guyanese, lives matter and because of this, if we all stand together, we will stand stronger. So, for those of you who are afraid of the associated stigma, I encourage you to be brave. Come forward! Help us to help you and your family to stay alive. I urge you to stop taking matters into your own hands. COVID-19 is serious business. Please call the COVID-19 hotline or utilize the app,” the minister stressed.


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