Today marks 50 days since Guyana confirmed its first case of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and already over 80 persons have been infected with the disease.

Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence says that it is time for Guyanese to get serious and adhere to the measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

In her update to the media, a few minutes ago, the minister said on day 9 with 6 confirmed cases, the government began implementing measures with the closure of all international airports. On day 24 when another 33 cases were confirmed, the Ministry of Public Health instituted the curfew, the rotation policy, the stay at home and work from home policies as well as the closing of several businesses.

“We are now at day 50 and we are right where we began with another 43 cases, a 110% increase in less than one month. I want to ask you my fellow Guyanese what is it that you want? Pictures, videos, slide show?…It’s obvious that you are not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. How else can we explain a 110% increase in positive cases in less than a month, how else can we explain people congregating to play dominos or having a few beers on the corner, how else can we explain people visiting family and friends as normal. My friends it’s time for us to get serious,” the minister said.

“It is unfair to those who are following the guidelines to be placed at unnecessary risk especially our health workers just because some of you don’t want to change your behavior, you are being selfish. We are in a health crisis. I cannot put it differently, We are in a health crisis. From day one you were all told that we can stop COVID-19 from spreading that remains the same today, the question begs to be asked. Do you want to stop it? Everyone has a role to play, what role are you playing?”

The minister urged Guyanese to “stop venturing out unless you must, stop the congregating in public places, stop visiting friends and family, maintain the physical distancing. You know all these guidelines, so please adhere to them so that we can get on with our lives and livelihood.”


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