The fact that the APNU+AFC is the only political party to object to the live-streaming of the recount of the votes cast in the March 2 General and Regional Elections, is certainly a troubling sign says PPP’s Executive Member and Attorney-at-Law, Charles Ramson Jnr.
In his mind, the APNU-AFC’s objection to live-streaming confirms that it is still seeking to rig the election, irrespective of the threat of serious consequences by the international community and the harm it will bring to the country.

Ramson was keen to note that transparency by means of live-streaming would naturally breathe public trust into the process, which, in turn, would lead to a credible result. Any result which is not credible will lead to an illegitimate government and serious consequences discussed ad nausea, the lawyer contended.
He further stated that the APNU+AFC’s Presidential Candidate, David Granger, must come to realize that if the riggers succeed in tampering with the recount, then it is he who will become an illegitimate President and the face of electoral fraud around the world. Ramson cautioned that this will remain Granger’s legacy for all time while adding that he must understand that in this scenario, he stands alone.

The lawyer also argued that the ones who are seeking to rig at all costs fall into two camps. He said that one camp has nothing to lose and everything to gain while the second camp has everything to lose. If they succeed, Ramson said that both camps would be beneficiaries of electoral fraud as Granger would, but neither camp will be the face of electoral fraud as Granger would be.

Considering this, he contended that Granger must quickly decide how he wants to be remembered and if he is prepared to bequeath that legacy to his family.


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