Luis Leonardo Almagra, the 10th Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OA),Francisco Guerrero, Secretary for Strengthening Democracy for the OAS and John Barsa, the acting USAID Administrator, today tweeted about Guyana’s electoral recount.


Almagra said, “The national recount in #Guyana is key to provide transparency and certainty to the electoral process and the people. We welcome the beginning of the process and call on all parties to continue supporting this task in favor of democracy in the country.”

As for Guerrero, he tweeted “welcomes the initiation of the national recount in #Guyana. Transparency & compliance with the law will be critical to ensure the credibility of the process & public trust in the results. OAS observers are on the ground & will observe the process through to its conclusion.”

Meanwhile, Barsa said, “Happy to see #Guyana is undergoing a transparent recount of their national elections. @USAID is looking forward to a swift, credible, and clear conclusion to the recount process so we can concentrate both on the threat posed by #COVID-19 and the development needs of Guyana.”


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