Opposition Candidate, Anil Nandlall says that the request made by his party to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for the “Summary of Resolutions” continues to fall on deaf ears.

This document, according to Nandlall, contains the issues that have been raised so far in the process, and the resolutions for same. The PPP/C had requested the document on Day One of the exercise, after it was noted that recurrent issues had to be “addressed all over again” by GECOM officials. The idea to have the summary was to have it be treated as a guide to address these issues that have been recurring since the exercise began on Wednesday.
To date, the document has not been provided. Yesterday, Nandlall said that he was told that it was being typed.

He told media operatives this morning that the document has still not been provided.

“I am forming the opinion now, that GECOM does not want to give this document,” he said.

He added that by not having the document, the process is being delayed. He warned that this will result in inconsistencies when dealing with the same issues.

“Once you don’t have the rules of the game written down by which you are playing, then you’re going to have these same issues recurring and it will be time-consuming to address them, and also, you are inviting the exercise of discretion that will vary from person to person, and that will lead to inconsistencies and errors in decisions. I cannot understand, why GECOM is dilating on this fundamental issue,” he stressed.

Nandlall said that he will raise these concerns with the Chair today.
Providing an update on the recount exercise, he said that from all indications, operations seem to be moving smoothly but spoke about the “sloth” of the process and its completion within the mandated timeline not being likely.


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