The Ministry of Public Infrastructure Monday said it has evidence to suggest that the man involved in stealing traffic system batteries at Conversation Tree and Rupert Craig Highway, is attempting to steal batteries from the Main and Lamaha Street intersection unit.

The Ministry is therefore asking individuals to be alert and report any suspicious activity at any of the traffic systems units.

The general public is kindly asked to contact the nearest police station, the Ministry’s Public Relations Department on 227-0799 or via the Ministry’s Facebook page to report any acts of this nature.

On April 29, 2020, the Ministry pleaded with the public to help identify a man who was caught vandalizing traffic light systems at the Conversation Tree and Rupert Craig Highway, Greater, Georgetown.

Damaged Traffic System

The very next day, the Ministry reported that another cabinet of a traffic controller unit was broken into on the evening of April 29, 2020 at that same location.

It said that on four occasions from April 21, 2020, batteries were removed from the cabinets for the traffic signal systems installed at the following intersections: Sheriff Street & Garnett Street, Camp Street & Lamaha Avenue, Conversation Tree & Railway Embankment and UG Road & Rupert Craig Highway.

Another Vandalised Traffic Light System

According to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, this has been a recurring event and it wishes to notify the perpetrators and the persons purchasing the batteries that once found guilty of theft and vandalism by the Rule of Law for destroying Government’s property they shall be prosecuted accordingly.

The Ministry is therefore asking persons to refrain from vandalizing and stealing much needed public infrastructure.


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