COVID-19 mobile testing units will be making their way to La Parfaite Harmonie on the West Bank of Demerara and South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, next week, says Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO) Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle.
The official has asked that persons residing in those communities refer to the Public Health Ministry’s Facebook page for a more detailed location of these units.

She also applauded those persons who came forward to visit the locations in Herstelling on the East Bank of Demerara and Paradise, on the East Coast.
“I commend you for this brave effort. We are pleased to announce that very soon residents of Region 3 and 6 will have similar facilities available for their residents. Please understand that transmission can only be reduced or stopped if we are able to separate those who test positive from those who are not infected. So, we ask you to come forward, get tested and help us in this fight,” she said.

The DCMO said that she is cognizant that persons may have fears about quarantining and isolation, but assured that the Ministry has set up these facilities “bearing in mind that you are away from home and so we are trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible”.

See an excerpt from her statement below:

– MoPH quarantine facilities are free of cost
– We provide three square meals per day prepared by a certified cook and team
– There is a doctor and team on hand to care for and monitor you twice daily as well as testing to determine whether you have underlying medical conditions
– There are games, free internet connection and television. Telephone services to call family and friends
– And psychosocial support sessions
– MoPH has partnered with two hotels not free of cost to you of course, but it ensures that you have your own private space
– You can have all the amenities you would like but you must remain in the facility
– Please be advised that packages except cooked food, alcohol and drugs can be dropped off at the Civil Defense Commission and these will be delivered to the facility free of cost wherever you are

– With regard to isolation facilities, the conditions are the same, access to wifi, 3 meals, and outdoor space to move around.
– If you are in critical condition, then you are required to be in the ICU and you are not allowed to leave.


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