Detectives probing the murder of 67-year-old Sohan Ramdial, who was found buried in a shallow grave on his farm at Belle West, West Bank Demerara (WBD) on April 06, last, seem to have hit a rock.

In the initial stage of the investigation, ranks from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) were called in to help with the case. Based on intelligence, two men were taken into custody but that did not lead anywhere. They were later released.

The motive the ranks are working on is that the deceased walked in on the suspect(s) planting marijuana on his farm. Ramdial’s farm is large and the area where cops discovered the illicit drug is a good way from where he ‘tends to his cows.

“We have a really good theory of how he (deceased) met his demise but tracking down the suspects is a bit difficult. There are no cameras in the area and the farm is isolated so there are no eyewitnesses,” a source in the probe said.

He further explained that while the case is not closed, his colleagues are focusing on other pressing matters. They will revisit the case when there are other leads. In the meantime, persons who have any sort of information relating to the demise of the elderly farmer are asked to contact the nearest police station.

Ramdial went to his farm the day before his body was found, to milk his cows, when he was killed and buried.
When he did not return home, his children went out to look for him the following morning and made the shocking discovery. The deceased was strangled before he was buried in the shallow grave.


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