The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), has since noted remarks made by one of its Commissioners, – Haji Dr. Roshan Khan, at a press conference held on Monday June 8th at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre; to address matters pertaining to the  recount of ballots and  final tabulation of votes following the March 2nd Elections.

The Commission would like to categorically state that the views expressed by Commissioner Khan at that forum, were solely his, and not that of the ERC.

Even as the Commission awaits the official declaration of the results by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), -citizens are urged to exude patience, calm and respect for each other.

On Elections Day, the ERC having been granted observer status for several of its Commissioners, participated and witness many Guyanese across the country exercise their franchise to vote for a party of their choice.

As a Commission, we look forward to working with all Guyanese, for the greater good of our nation and its people, ERC said.


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