When one considers the recent response by the Ministry of Finance that there is not enough money in the Treasury to bail out the sugar industry, it leaves one to ponder whether the Government ever had any intention of preventing the closure of the sugar industry. This remark was made by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) moments ago in a statement to the press.

The Union recalled that the Ministry of Finance said yesterday that the COVID-19 situation and reduced national income make it difficult for the government to provide a much-needed cash injection to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). GAWU was keen to note however that this explanation does nothing to quell its concerns especially when one considers that the overdraft in the public bank account skyrocketed by $10B in the month of April alone, which is approximately $333M per day. “We, like many Guyanese, must ask where did this money go. Certainly, it did not reach the hands of thousands of Guyanese who need the State’s help at this time…,” the Union noted.

Further to this, GAWU told the media that the decision by the Granger government does not serve to meaningfully address the concerns about the imminent closure of the sugar industry. It also contended that it is no more than a tangible demonstration of the Coalition’s unsympathetic regard for the sugar industry and the thousands of Guyanese who depend on it for a livelihood.


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