There are too many dire consequences for the people of Guyana if its leaders decide to take the country down a path that would see it being portrayed as a rogue State; a State that has no respect for the rule of law. This was essentially the perspective of former Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur during an interview on Kaieteur Radio yesterday.

The former PM who served as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Mission to Guyana’s 2020 General and Regional Elections was keen to note that there are clear cut consequences should good sense not be allowed to prevail after the results of the recount process have been declared.

Where the Commonwealth is concerned, Arthur said that his group has made a representation by way of reporting to the Commonwealth and that body will meet and decide whether Guyana is carrying out its electoral affairs in accordance with the Harare Declaration which speaks to peace and good governance. He warned that nations can be expelled if they are not upholding the Commonwealth’s principles.

Arthur also warned that Guyana runs the risk of being expelled from CARICOM if the results of the recount process are not respected. “Now I am not in a position to know what would happen if Guyana is suspended but for CARICOM to have its headquarters in a country that is not a member of CARICOM, I suppose would have (serious consequences and), I hope it never comes to that, but those are the implications of not having a free and fair elections to acknowledge,” the official stated.

He added, “…I don’t think Guyana could seriously withstand the fire of the entire global community if it seeks to (invoke) that ire of sanctions at the economic level or other levels. I don’t think so…”

The former PM said it would be well advised for people of Guyana to accept the results and if they have issues then have that sorted by way of a petition. In all matters, he stressed that Guyana must be seen in the eyes of the global community, as a country that is respectful of the rule of law.


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