David Granger must now concede victory to the winning PPP and allow for the inauguration of Dr Irfan Ali as President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The results of the Caricom supervised recount of the votes cast at the March 2, 2020, National and Regional Elections are irrefutable, confirming a PPP victory.

Rather that hanging to the last straw, legal and otherwise, to remain in political office, Mr Granger must now put the country he has led for five years first and salvage whatever respect he may have as a former President of our beloved country. Any further delay would impact on his record as President and affect the credibility of his Coalition, and therefore their effectiveness on the opposition bench when they finally take up their seats in Parliament.

The pressure is on by our Caricom brothers and the entire International Community, including International Observer missions from the Organization of American States, The Carter Center, The Commonwealth Group, CARICOM and the European Union, all who have confirmed the credibility of the March 2 Elections. The Guyanese economy and social fabric have undergone enormous hurdles since the no-confidence motion eighteen months ago with adverse consequences for businesses, investments and job creation. The disruption this has created has affected the livelihood and image of Guyanese and Guyana internationally.

It is time that Guyanese rally around the elected and legitimate Government and take our place among the league of democratic countries. This is not the time for vendetta politics or public rivalry between two racially dominant groups that have commanded our political life since independence. The continuing distrust is evident but will do us no good. It is time to join hands to heal the racial wounds  and agree on an economic and social agenda with a forward arc that lifts our people out of poverty, remove the draconian tax system and incentivize the private sector – all for the accelerated growth and development of Guyana.

We have a country to build together, there’s space for everyone. Lets move forward in peace and harmony

Robert Badal, Leader, Change Guyana
Nigel Hinds, Chairman, Change Guyana
Team Change Guyana


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