“We are doing our best even with limited resources and I would say although we have not reached the peak as yet Guyana is fully prepared to counter the disease.”

This assurance was given by His Excellency David Granger on Monday evening as he shared Guyana’s preparedness to tackle COVID-19, whilst appearing as a guest on Benschop Radio 107.1 FM.

The Head of State explained that even with the challenge of illegal crossings at unmanned borders, the government’s plan of action sets out to effectively ensure the spread of the disease does not escalate.

President Granger reminded that the National COVID-19 Taskforce has facilitated the collective work of each ministry’s response to the onset of the pandemic disease in Guyana.

He noted that the Public Health Ministry which has lead role and responsibility for controlling the disease has overseen the establishment of a hospital specially designated for the management and treatment of COVID-19 cases.

“We have established a hospital devoted exclusively to this type of disease… it is located on the East Coast. It is unique and might be the first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean,” the President explained.

Noting the contributions by the other ministries to safeguard people’s wellbeing and livelihood during this period, President Granger lauded it as an ambitious countrywide programme.

“Each ministry has put out a ministerial plan of action to deal with the disease in their respective areas. For example, the Agriculture Ministry has implemented REAP so we are putting more emphasis on household production of agricultural produce. The Business Ministry has implemented CASE, a coordinating Agency for Small Enterprise so we are doing much more packaging of Guyana’s produce,” he outlined.

Reference was also made to the Education Ministry that has been ensuring approximately 250,000 school children are engaged in their studies even as they are away from schools.

Students preparing for major examinations, NGSA and CSEC, have been allowed to return to school under strict safety guidelines and emergency measures put in place at schools to ensure their safety and prevent exposure to the disease.

Other ministries such as Public Infrastructure has been given oversight at airports to ensure full compliance with safety measures. Among these is the closure to all international flights instituted in March.

Following the approval of flights to return Guyanese stranded abroad, the Public Health Ministry and the Management of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport have partnered, to guarantee necessary precautions are exercised to keep COVID-19 from being imported at that port of entry. (Department of Public Information)


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