Even as the country pursues the development of its oil and gas resources in offshore blocks, the Government, it appears, remained focused on ensuring Guyana transitions to renewable sources of energy. According to the Ministry of Finance’s Energy of Year Statement, $8B was expended on renewable energy for 2019.
Key highlights of the spending that took place in this regard included : the construction, final testing and commissioning of the 20-kilowatt hydropower plant at Hosororo, Region 1; installation of 462 stand-alone solar powered streetlamps across the 10 administrative regions; rehabilitation of solar photovoltaic systems at Dredge Creek and Hackney Primary Schools – Region Two , La Harmonie Primary School – Region Three, President’s College Dormitory and Long Creek Primary School – Region Four, St. Ignatius Primary School – Region Nine; and, No. 58 Miles Primary School – Region 10.

There was also the outfitting of a total of 80 government buildings with solar photovoltaic panels which generated 2,145 megawatt-hours of electricity; expansion of the coverage of electricity to hinterland communities, through the expenditure of $129 million on the installation, upgrading and extension of distribution networks in Orealla, Siparuta, Port Kaituma and Moco Moco; and, major rehabilitation to the two generators managed by the Port Kaituma Power and Light Co. Inc..

Guyana Standard also understands that part of the $8B went towards the upgrading of power generation utilities, specifically the rehabilitation of 33 kilometres of medium voltage and low voltage distribution networks in Regions Four and Five, at a cost of $3.5 billion.


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