During its ruling in the case filed by a supporter of the APNU+AFC government which intended to block the declaration of the results of the March 02, 2020 polls by challenging the credibility of the votes tabulated during the Recount exercise, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) said that it is now for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to ensure that the elections results are swiftly declared in accordance with the laws of Guyana.

“It is for GECOM to ensure that the election results are swiftly declared in accordance with the Laws of Guyana,” said Justice Adrian Saunders, President of the CCJ as he delivered the 60-page unanimous ruling of the five-member panel of judges which also included Justices Maureen Rajnauth-Lee, Denys Burgess, Peter Jamadar and Jacob Wit.

As Guyana’s final court of Appeal, the CCJ said that it cannot, however, pretend to be oblivious to events that have transpired in Guyana since December 2018. Obviously referring to the fall of the APNU+AFC government by an Opposition-sponsored No Confidence motion on the night of December 21, 2018 in the National Assembly, the Regional Court reminded that it also had to pronounce on this case.

The CCJ in its ruling on the aforesaid matter held that the successful passage of the no-confidence motion against the coalition government reduced it to a “caretaker” administration.

A disappointed Justice Saunders added, “It has been four months since the elections were held and the country has been without a Parliament for well over a year. No one in Guyana would regard this as a satisfactory state of affairs. We express the fervent hope that there would quickly be a peaceable restoration of normalcy.”

“Now, the Law must run its course,” the CCJ’s President underscored as he read out the eagerly awaited unanimous decision of the Court which was delivered this afternoon.


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