Those trying to prevent a transparent conclusion to the March General and Regional Elections in Guyana will be held accountable, the Canadian government said today.

Its statement comes right off the heels the US Secretary of State , Mike Pompeo’s statement today, in which he announced that the USA has issued visa restrictions on those persons who have undermined democracy in Guyana. Immediate family members of those persons might also be subjected to the said sanctions.

Global Affairs Canada today issued the following statement:

Canada strongly regrets the extended delay in declaring election results in Guyana, a delay that has now lasted more than four months since elections were held on March 2.
We support calls by the Organization of American States, the Caribbean Community [CARICOM], the Commonwealth, the Caribbean Court of Justice and civil society organizations to announce the results based on the national recount, as validated by the CARICOM observer mission.
In the interest of the democratic rights of the people of Guyana, Canada firmly maintains that the rule of law and democratic processes must be respected and a declaration be announced without further delay.
Canada will continue to work with its partners in the international community, using all tools at our disposal, to demand a swift and transparent conclusion to the election process and hold accountable those who prevent it.


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