The Public Health Ministry is reporting a 52% COVID-19 recovery rate. This translates to 162 of the 314 infected persons recovering from the virus.

This is an improvement, Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO), Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle said in her update to the nation moments ago.

So far, 19 persons would have succumbed to the virus.

The DCMO said although the recovery rate has been climbing, the Ministry remains deeply concerned about the increase in cases. She is pleading with the citizenry to adhere to the guidelines in effect.

She also expressed concern over the spike in cases in Regions One and Seven, which have reported 95 and 48 cases respectively, since Guyana confirmed its first imported case four months ago.

The Health Official said that these two regions are now target areas, where interventions warrant support from residents in order to mitigate the spread of the disease.

“Friends, we cannot allow the exponential increase in cases to continue and overwhelm our Health workers. I am therefore relying on all, residents, Toshaos, whistleblowers, to respond positively and help us to reach those contacts that may be experiencing any COVID-related signs or symptoms or may have been in proximity with a COVID case. Further, restrict your movement in and out of these regions and remain vigilant concerning undocumented migrants from Brazil and Venezuela who may not have been quarantined. The COVID-19 pandemic in these bordering countries is still rampant,” the DCMO said.

She provided a breakdown in the number of reported cases in each region, which is as follows:
• Region 1 – 95
• Region 2 -1
• Region 3 – 26
• Region 4- 119
• Region 5 – 0
• Region 6- 1
• Region 7 – 48
• Region 8 -3
• Region 9 – 11
• Region 10- 10


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