Executive Member of the ruling Coalition party, Joseph Harmon says that any request made for the party to concede the March 2 General and Regional Elections is an affront to the Guyana Constitution and laws governing the electoral process in Guyana.

His assertion comes even as pressure continues to mount on the David Granger-led administration to throw in the towel as the political impasse in Guyana persists. Just recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for the party to “step aside”, while announcing visa restrictions on individuals undermining democracy in Guyana.

But Harmon says that the electoral process has not been concluded, and any call made for the party to bow-out, is unlawful.

He went on to say that these calls are coming from organisations who have interests, and that the elections in Guyana seem to be more about benefits than the will of the Guyanese people.

“These elections seem to be no longer about the Guyanese people, but about other interests. APNU supports the coalition’s clarity that our electoral process is still not complete, and that calls to concede in the circumstance, from whatever source it comes, are premature – a coercive ploy, a violation of our Constitutional law – and to this, we will not bend,” he said.


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