Dear Editor,
The news outfit iNEWS, which continuously spun what I said and juxtaposed my comments to those of Commissioner Gunraj, during the Recount process, has suddenly found refuge in what I reportedly said during that period. I am now one of their sources in their effort to justify the use of the Recount numerics as the basis for the declaration of the 2020 elections results.They headlined their news item “PNC`s Alexander always insisted GECOM would use recount figures for declaration”. Their need to quote me exposes their spin and deceit. Here is what their quote says that I said: “In my considered opinion, all things being equal I don`t see us doing that (using the 10 declarations)… I would say that if the recount is completed that doesn`t appear, to me, to be a likelihood…” (author`s emphasis). Even with their truncating of the quote as evidenced by the ellipses (…) in the quote, “all things being equal” stands out. It was always my contention that the Recounts had to take into consideration the observation reports rather than the mere numerics (tabulations). All things did not turn out to be equal. The observations were disregarded, in the Recount. What they have also not reported, positively, is that subsequent to the Recount and GECOM`s refusal to factor in the observation reports into the determination of the credible count, as propagated in the Order, I have publicly called for a non-declaration as opposed to a declaration using any of the tabulations, all of which, be it Mingo`s or any other, are patently corrupted as the “Recount” revealed.
It must be an act of desperation for iNEWS to rely on the villain to prop up its case. But it is intellectually dishonest and deceitful to spin what I said in the search for a credible view.
Today I am credible, tomorrow I will once again be the villain as I was yesterday. What a web they weave. There are those who have taken up the posture of the Almighty.
Yours faithfully
Vincent Alexander GECOM Commissioner


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