(Department of Public Information, July 24 2020) – The COVID-19 situation in Moruca is improving as health officials have managed to contain the spread of the virus which has seen a reduction in the infection rate that has been escalating for the past weeks.

This was disclosed by the Regional Health Officer, Dr. Steven Cheefoon who explained that measures implemented to effectively tackle COVID-19 in the region have thus far proven fruitful.

With regards to “the situation in Moruca, we would have managed to contain the virus within central Santa Rosa. And since the confinement order has been in place, we have noticed a vast decrease in the number of positive cases,” he said.

The RHO explained that previously “if we conducted 20 tests at least 50 percent of those tests would return positive but now we are not seeing as many positives as before.”

Specifically, within the last week (as of Thursday, July 23) the Region recorded just one new COVID-19 case and 57 of the region’s 100 confirmed cases have recovered.

Dr. Cheefoon also revealed that those persons in isolation have been subject to additional tests to ascertain kidney and liver functions along with identifying each of their blood groups.

Moruca is one of the areas that on mandatory lockdown to facilitate mass screening and testing for COVID-19. Also, several businesses were given a temporary cease order while movement in and out of the area was limited to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The mandatory lockdown is expected to remain in place until August 3. Dr. Cheefoon reminded that all efforts currently being exercised in the region are focused on stopping COVID-19 transmission altogether.

“We know that transitioning and understanding a new virus, a new pandemic that has never been known to us before makes it a difficult process. But we want persons to understand that the measures that the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Health in Region One have implemented are to protect them and their loved ones.”

Region One recorded its first COVID-19 cases in April. Moruca recorded its first case on May 22. Today, confirmed cases in Moruca stand at 89 with 34 active cases while the 11 other cases are from Mabaruma of which eight are active cases, as of July 23, 2020.


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