When geologist Ryan Taylor died last year October due to a mining pit collapse at the Karouni operations of Australian Mining Company, Troy Resources, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Ministry of Social Protection, promised to conduct thorough investigations. But the findings of those probes were never disclosed, until now.

In a letter to President, David Granger, Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosed that he was able to peruse both reports, which categorically stated that the Australian company was “entirely responsible” for the death of the geologist.

Dr. Adams, in his letter said that the Ministry of Social Protection Report “unambiguously concluded” that Troy Resources Guyana Inc. is entirely responsible for Taylor’s death and even identified several causes, all of which were “attributable to the company. Dr. Adams also told the President that the report also recommended charges be brought against the company for refusing to submit documents formally requested and for failing to report 12 cases of Occupational Diseases.

The EPA Head also noted that the report by the GGMC definitively ascribed fault to Troy Resources for its “act of negligence … and irresponsible behavior” which caused the death of Mr. Taylor.

Dr. Adams’ letter, a copy of which was seen by the Guyana Standard, was sent to the President on June 16. The leaked letter which consists of five pages, was sent in response to a correspondence that Troy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ken Nilsson emailed to the President on April 27, last.

Nilsson had written President Granger to express his company’s frustrations regarding Dr. Adams whom he believes to be acting well outside of his mandate. Nilsson, in his letter referred to the death of Mr. Taylor as one such incident where the matter was being handled by the relevant State agencies, that is to say, the Ministry of Social Protection and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. The CEO for Troy Resources expressed the opinion that the EPA Head was interfering in the matter when he had no jurisdiction regarding same. Nilsson also called for Granger to take any action he deems warranted against the EPA Head.
In his letter, Dr. Adams objected to the picture being painted by the CEO of the mining company and sought to address at least seven untruths he believes the President was fed. The death of Mr. Taylor was one of them.


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