The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is set to proceed on two months vacation starting August 3. But given the proclivity of APNU+AFC agents to engage in legal maneuverings to delay the conclusion of the 2020 polls, many are now fearful that the Granger administration may seek to use the CCJ’s upcoming vacation period to further undermine the nation’s democracy.

Taking this into consideration, Attorney-at-Law and People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member, Sanjeev Datadin sought to set the record straight that citizens have no reason to be worried. Vacation or not, Datadin categorically stated that the CCJ is always working. He ventured further to note that the CCJ has specific provisions in its rules to hear and determine matters during the vacation period.

Expounding on this point the lawyer said, “I have in the past, filed special leave applications to the Court during the vacation period and the Court heard the applications fully and rendered its decision during the vacation. Those matters included the Blairmont Investment Inc v Kayman Sankar and an application by Sharmilla Inderjali, the mother of Marcus Bisram in a matter related to the Bisram case…”

In both matters, Datadin said that the CCJ dealt with the matters with its usual efficiency during the vacation period.

The Opposition Member was also keen to note that it is the tradition of the Court of Appeal in Guyana to go on vacation from July 31 to the first week in October. Datadin even highlighted that the High Court Act provides for a similar vacation period for the High Court even though that aspect of law has not been applied in that regard.

Be that as it may, the lawyer noted that matters that are sufficiently urgent and important can be heard and determined during the Court vacation period once an application for such is made under the rules. He said that a ground for such a hearing is that the matter is of national importance. In his opinion, the case before the Court of Appeal brought by APNU+AFC counting agent Misenga Jones for the Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield to not be forced to use the national recount results for the preparation of his report on the 2020 polls would qualify for being heard during the vacation period. The matter is expected to receive a ruling by the Court of Appeal on July 30.

When the foregoing points are considered, Datadin categorically stated that there is nothing for the law-abiding citizens of Guyana to fear. He confidently posited that there will be no delay if an appeal to the CCJ is necessary.


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