Attorney -at-law, Nigel Hughes is of the opinion that there is a need for dialogue to resolve the political crisis in Guyana.

“We should have a candid discussion on how we move forward. Our consistent free and fair elections have disclosed the reality that the country is largely divided along ethnic lines. I would like to invite the political leaders of the two principal parties to move towards addressing our ethnic political issues,” he said during an interview on Mark Benschop’s programme last night.

The Coalition in a missive last week, indicated that it is open to dialogue with both the political opposition and all other stakeholders to bring the issue to rest. The opposition has however publicly rejected that invitation.
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in his Sunday column “My Turn” had also expressed the view that only dialogue can put an end to the political stalemate which can potentially injure the country, if not heeded.
Prior calls were made by political commentators in the early days following the March 2 elections.
Hughes said this year’s election has lasted longer than anyone would have expected and while he anticipated that there would be political problems, he still does not believe that those issues could be solved in the courts.

The attorney law said the two sides must admit that the only way the country can move forward is for them to identify a pathway and methodology on how to do so.
“If you are dealing with the natural resources and how the wealth of the country is shared,  they need to identify the most transparent methodology to ensure that every single decision that goes to how the natural resource is allocated and how the wealth of the nation is distributed, is exceedingly transparent and very clear.”
Hughes contended that some “ground rules and fundamental principles’ have to be set so all citizens can feel she or she has the opportunity to have his issues addressed and redressed in the case of injustice.


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