During his meeting this morning with members of staff at the Ministry of the Presidency, President Irfaan Ali made it pellucid that in the transition to a PPP-led government, there will be changes in approach, new areas of responsibilities, and a shift in plans, programmes and the overall priorities of the administration.

At the end of it all, the Head of State said that it will result in the ultimate benefit of the Guyanese people.
The President said that the Ministry is the highest office in the country and noted that he expects employees to deliver the highest level of service.

Ali said, “…It is not only about the President who makes this environment successful. I am a strong believer in teamwork and collective thinking so I expect all of you to recognize that we have to operate at the highest standard… and to set the bar for the public service and country. We cannot operate in a way that will fuel insecurities, in a way that can fuel distrust, in a way that can fuel disunity.”

He added, “…As president, you have a partner in development.”

Ali said that he will be meeting with the Permanent Secretaries later today and disclosed that before the end of the week, he hopes to have all the ministries established, areas of responsibility for the respective Ministers gazetted, and then advance towards a discussion on the focus of the new government. Ali’s meeting with the members of staff of the Ministry of the Presidency was broadcast on Facebook Live by the News Room.


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