As with every election, the Guyana Trade Union Council (GTUC) expects each new government to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors to better serve the people of Guyana.

“This expectation is no different for President Ali and his regime, for the fundamental principles of GTUC remains the well-being of all and the creation of a society that will bring peace, stability, wealth and a living wage to all, a society that will protect its most vulnerable,” the council said in a statement earlier today.

The GTUC noted that the government will be held accountable for managing in the interest of all Guyanese whose lives, livelihood and future are in the hands of the government he heads. Therefore, the body stands ready and prepared to continue its representation of workers’ rights and all issues affecting the working class of Guyana – past, present and potential.

“We of the GTUC applaud the establishment of an independent Ministry of Labour as a step in the right direction and one that will guarantee workers’ interest are better served and protected. This is now a time for healing from the differences and rancour even as we respect the right of others to resolve outstanding controversies surrounding the 2020 election. Presidential leadership towards this mending is integral for moving this government and country forward,” the trade union body said.


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