Political appointees under the former A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) regime have been given to next week to resign from their posts. They will be terminated if they fail to do so. This was according to Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira.

The minister said that it is protocol that persons deemed political appointees must leave whenever there is a change in government. She said, however, several appointees are refusing to budge. Some have even requested leave.
She spoke also, of several appointees refusing to vacate taxpayers -funded living quarters.

The Minister said that Granger himself handed over his fleet of vehicles and other property he utilised during his tenure as President. She said that the APNU+AFC appointees should follow the former president’s example and be honourable.

“We are not the ones looking for a fight…Granger, take note: tell your appointees that came under your government to behave in an honourable way and do as you did – hand over…We are not going to be bullied. We’ve given them a week to do what is right,” Teixeira said.


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