The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) urges customers to take precautions to secure their personal data and information in light of attempts by persons to scam customers.

“Most of the fraud reports received involve the transfer of phone credit, where persons are scammed into transferring credit in hopes of winning a phone for example,” explained GTT’s VP of Customer Experience, Orson Ferguson.

Ferguson also indicated that customers should take all the necessary steps to prevent themselves from falling prey to these scams. As a result, the company would be suspending the credit transfer feature to increase the security of the feature for customers. He said, “with this step, we are taking reports from our customers into consideration to protect them proactively.” Ferguson added, “in the interim, customers can use Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) to self-top-up and credit other numbers.”

The company indicated that once they are comfortable with the reassessment, the mobile credit transfer feature will be reintroduced at a later date.

In January 2020, GTT recorded an increase in incidents of customers being scammed despite measures in place to reduce scams. The company continues to warn customers and encourages all customers to confirm all of the company’s promotions at or by way of the local media.


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