The two founding members of Change Guyana, Robert Badal, and Nigel Hinds have differing positions about the future of the party.
While Hinds, the Chairman of the Party issued a missive stating that the party has been dissolved, Badal later told Guyana Standard that he did not know anything about a decision to dissolve the party, “it is news to me.”

Hinds’ release to the press stated that the “majority leadership of Change Guyana made the decision that the dissolution of Change Guyana as a Political Party is in the best interest of our members and supporters.”

The release was signed by four other members of the executive including the party’s Vice Chairman, Ramesh Ramoutar, and Prime Ministerial Candidate in the last elections, Mishka Puran.
But when Badal spoke to Guyana Standard he said that the persons purported as signatories told him that they did not support the decision. “I spoke to them, they are pissed off.”
Stating that elections are just over, Badal questioned, “Why would anybody liquidate a party now ?”

Badal further stated that Hinds no longer has the authority to speak on behalf of Change Guyana.

On the other hand, Hinds, during an interview with Guyana Standard, said that the majority of executive members of the party knew that Badal was not in support of the decision to dissolve the party. However, they were disappointed over the way the party was being run and therefore decided best to dissolve. He said that all the persons who signed the release to the media, read it, some made changes to it and they all approved it. Noting that his integrity is at stake and he “would not make things up.” Hinds said that there are correspondences to prove all that he was saying.

He noted too that members were dissatisfied with the lack of work being done by the party. “We were not doing anything much after the election.”

Hinds said that the party’s executive was being restrained from being able to mobilize and progress in a manner that the majority of the executive envisions would be best for the party.


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