The Ministry of Public Service will be implementing a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics to improve the level of professionalism among the country’s public servants.

This was disclosed by Sonia Parag, Minister of Public Service during a virtual press conference on Monday. The Minister said there will also be periodic evaluations to determine the performance level among public servants.

She noted that this measure will allow members of the public who have to interface with government employees

In her introductory remarks, Minister Parag said:

“The Public Service Ministry, is committed, under my command, to fostering a professional public service instil with and committed to a culture of excellence by driving change and innovation, facilitating continuous professional development, implementing administrative reforms, creating conditions for conducive work environments, promoting and maintain ethics and accountability in the functioning of government agencies delivering service to the public.”

Minister Parag noted that the Codes of Ethics and Conduct must be enforced to have the desired result – a professional public service. To that end, the Ministry is currently reviewing training programmes that will support the measure.

“We have a few programmes, that, coupled with customer interfacing,  I think is key to the public service. That training is very relevant and I will support it, but I would also see where else and will also consult with the Head of Department for the training moving forward.”

Concerning the accessibility of ‘in-office’ service being made accessible via a digital platform, the Minister explained that plans are on stream to upgrade her Ministry website to allow for a “more expedient and efficient” process.

This will then be implemented across the board in the other sister ministries and government departments and agencies.


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