The news circulating in the press that Change Guyana has been dissolved is totally false and mischievous, says party leader, Robert Badal.

Change Guyana, which contested the March General and Regional Elections remains fully committed to working towards a better Guyana for all Guyanese, Badal said.

He added that the party’s programmes and policies articulated in its manifesto and vividly displayed on its
website are the means of ensuring a better Guyana.

“Now that the elections are over and a democratically elected Government in place we intend to work with the Dr Irfan Ali led Government to influence the adoption of private sector led policies to create jobs and a higher standard of living for all Guyanese,” the businessman said.

He clarified that the release made by one executive that the party is dissolved was without authority, and the
adding of the names of three other members to the statement was made without their agreement.

“Whatever the motivations for such a position is confined to the one former member who released the statement for reasons known only to himself. This is most unfortunate.
Change Guyana has attracted close to 2000 voters and more than 6000 followers. They have all placed tremendous trust in us to pursue the policies and positions we articulated during theelections. Our policies for a strong economy, taxation, inclusionary and accountable governance, constitutional reform, etc will bring real and tangible benefits to Guyanese,” the Party Leader said.

He also noted that these policies and the “freshness” the party brought to the political landscape, and the stance it took together with other parties in support of democracy in the face of attempts to derail the results of the last election, means that there is an expanded role for Change Guyana.

“This would not justify a dissolution of our Party but rather its strengthening and further development, Badal concluded.


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