Presumptive Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon is allegeding “State terror and political persecution” by the government and the Guyana Police Force.

He made these allegations in letters he dispatched to the Secretaries General of the United Nations, Commonwealth, Amnesty International, CARICOM and the OAS and the Presidents of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Inter Parliamentary Union and Parlamericas, the Chair of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and a number of other international organizations

Harmon has also written to several foreign countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and to the Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition of all CARICOM countries and the European Union.

In his letter, dated August 26th, Harmon outlined that “based on the vast amount of evidence” the APNU+AFC Coalition “believes, and intends to prove, that the elections held on March 2 lacked credibility and legitimacy”.

He also provided to the heads of government and the international organizations, a summary of the dossier which details “the thousands of cases of fraud, voter impersonation, irregularities, abnormalities and discrepancies which were uncovered.”

Harmon reported that the APNU+AFC regards “the installed PPP regime as an illegitimate and fraudulent government that was not lawfully or democratically elected”.

In his letter, the former State Minister also detailed the “campaign of state terror, intimidation and political persecution which has commenced and is being executed by the illegitimate and fraudulent installed PPP government against APNU+AFC leaders, members and supporters”.

Harmon further reported to the foreign governments and international bodies that, “the Guyana Police Force, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and other state agencies are being either directed or pressured by the political directorate and their agents to target and persecute members of the opposition”.

Harmon concluded his letter by noting that “a discriminatory and vindictive witch-hunt of professionals and public servants is underway” in Guyana and that the APNU+AFC Coalition views all of the foregoing as “grave, worrisome and very disturbing” developments.

He committed to keeping the foreign governments and all international organizations informed of the emerging situation in Guyana and alerted them that he will continue to engage on ways in which they can lend their voice and support to “contribute towards the restoration of democratic values in Guyana”.

Harmon also shared with all the heads of government and international organizations the fixed date applications and affidavits filed in the High Court by Christopher Jones and his wife Christine Jones against the Commissioner of Police, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum, Inspector Serabo and the Attorney General.

The fixed date applications and the affidavits detail violations and infringements of the constitutional rights of Mr. and Mrs. Jones by the Guyana Police Force and seeks declarations, damages and reliefs in that regard.

Harmon’s correspondence was also sent to all the diplomatic missions in Guyana, the Guyana Country Representatives of the United Nations and Inter-American Development Bank and a number of local organizations including the Guyana Human Rights Association, the Private Sector Commission and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce among others.


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