Alliance for Change (AFC) structures on the ground namely members, groups, and regions must soonest come out of the disappointment of a loss of an election and put out the works that will get the party back into office to continue the progress it started with its coalition partner, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). This was according to AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan today, as he outlined the way forward for the party given its defeat at the March General and Regional Elections.

“The AFC sees a huge task ahead at the local, regional, central and international level. Its leadership, along with its partnership with APNU, will see these tasks confronted successfully, notwithstanding COVID-19. In getting ready to do that and lots more, we have to continue doing, as we have done during the time of our existence to date, exercise and elaborate on our liberal democratic method,” he said.

He further stated that the hard-fought campaign of 2020, the trials and tribulations experienced post elections, and the final declarations after much political contestation and judicial litigation, has readied the party to learn and unlearn as it moves forward.

“These lessons will forge a more united AFC, steeling it for the struggle for enhanced electoral and constitutional reforms, governance with increased integrity in all spheres of public activity, the condemnation of all acts of executive lawlessness by the PPP Government and the ensuring that Guyana’s patrimony is enjoyed equally by all,” he said.

He added that with nine Members of Parliament (MPs), 16 Regional Councillors, and a couple of Vice Chairs, the “AFC continues to make a name for itself across the political landscape of Guyana.

Ramjattan concluded with the coalition slogan for the March polls, “don’t stop the progress!”


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