Even though the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) occupies the highest office of the land, one of its main advisors and leading supporters, Peter Ramsaroop, is calling for his party’s election petition to the 2015 General and Regional Elections to be heard.

The Advisor reminded that even though the APNU+AFC is preparing to file an election petition to the 2020 polls, he stressed that it is only fair that the PPP/C’s case be heard first.

The PPP/C supporter said, “It has been over five years since it has been filed. It is ludicrous for APNU to think theirs will be heard, given the PPP/C supporters are still awaiting their case.”

Ramsaroop is of the firm conviction that the 2015 Petition can prove electoral fraud and bring light to what and how it happened again in 2020.

Appearing on the National Communications Network (NCN) recently, Ramsaroop noted that the investigation into the roles played by Returning Officer for Region Four, Clairmont Mingo and others will undoubtedly prove that electoral fraud took place while adding that he was a witness to the orchestrated plan that saw its genesis since at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Command Centre which was housed in the Ashmins Building on High Street.

The Advisor said, “… I sat at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today giving my official statement on the Electoral Fraud I witnessed on March 3 to 5, 2020 at the GECOM Ashmins building. I slept there in the night only going home to shower and change.”

He added, “I was there from the first spreadsheet to the false declarations, to being kicked out from guarding the Statements of Polls by riot police. I saw individuals from the other main political parties in areas where they should not have been, along with forged spreadsheets…”
Ramsaroop said that Guyanese should never have to endure the distress they were made to endure during the 2015 electoral fiasco while assuring that he will play his part in exposing how the APNU+AFC committed electoral fraud.


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