Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon says that an independent investigation is needed. An Estate Owner, his son, and a handyman are in custody for the murders of Joel Henry, 18, and Isaiah Henry, 16, of Lots 26 and 32 Number 3 Village, West Coast Berbice, respectively, which occurred sometime between September 5 and 6.

He made this comment when he visited the community, and the relatives of the two teens this morning. Harmon was accompanied by the former President, David Granger, and several Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs).

Harmon said that the independent investigation is needed so that justice can be served. He told the residents that flocked the home of Isaiah Henry, that there are several police officials who are known to tamper with evidence.
His comments were livestreamed via the APNU+AFC page.

“Because in the way in which the police have been behaving, certain elements in the Guyana Police Force, that we have to be very vigilant with respect to the investigation which they do. We are going to be calling for an independent forensic examination of the evidence, because this fella here at the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) that deh bring back…And the set of groups that he bring there, they are known for tampering with evidence,” he said amidst cheers.

The bodies of the young men were discovered in the Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice Backdam yesterday. According to sources, the bodies of the teens were mutilated.

Their deaths have since sparked protests in West Coast Berbice, forcing the police to deploy ranks in a bid to quell the demonstrations there.
According to the Commissioner of Police, Nigel Hoppie, the estate owner, his son and handyman are currently in police custody “assisting with the investigation”.

He said that the Guyana Police Force will do all in its power to bring the perpetrators of “this heinous crime” to justice.

Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn is expected to meet the Henry family soon. He is calling on protesters to desist from blocking the thoroughfares and allow the force to conduct its investigation.

Subsequent to Harmon’s visit, a statement was issued by the APNU+AFC, attributing comments to Harmon.

“We will not tolerate such conduct by the police and will continue to monitor them closely as they investigate this heinous crime and their conduct otherwise,” he was quoted as saying.


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