Members of the joint services will be benefitting from a two-week tax-free bonus. This was disclosed yesterday by President, Dr Irfaan Ali during a press conference to outline measures that will be included in the emergency budget set to be read in Parliament tomorrow.

The President in his speech said that “in order to support our men and women in uniform, to ensure we do all that is possible within the constraints of the economy, we are announcing a two weeks tax free bonus for the joint services.”

Benefitting, are the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Fire Service, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Prison Service. The tax-free bonus which the joint services were accustomed to receiving since 2002, was discontinued by the previous administration in 2015.

Additionally, the President said the Guyana Police Force will be equipped with 50 new 4×4 vehicles. “In order to support our security sector, to support the Police Force, in understanding the new environment in which they operate – greater economic activities in hinterland communities (etc.) – they are required to move more swiftly, with a different type of vehicle, so we are going to acquire 50 new 4×4 vehicle for GPF,” the Head of State stated.


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