Budget 2020 is being presented in the National Assembly by the Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill. The presentation is being done without Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) being present. Edghill said that the budget embodies a “no-nonsense”, “pro-poor”, “people-centered and results-oriented” approach.

He added that the budget comes 620 days after the passage of the No-confidence motion, 191 days after the March General and Regional Elections, and 38 days following the declaration of those elections results.
Further, Edghill said that as the nation waited, the Guyanese people were “tested and tried” but they persevered.

He further stated that since the passage of the no-confidence motion, the nation’s purse was being raided. Withdrawals, he said, were being made illegally and without parliamentary oversight.

“Squandermania was at every level,” he said, as millions of dollars were used to fund projects that had no tangible returns.

Edghill also stated that the salt in the wound would come in the form of huge lawyer fees – millions of dollars – that were racked up by the APNU+AFC to fight undefendable cases in the justice system.

He told the House that hardships imposed on the nation could have been avoided if attempts were not made by players to sabotage the will of the people.
Moreover, he divulged that if the elections process was not so “convoluted”, a budget could have been presented since April of this year.

He added that this could have reversed the suffering of the nation, and the resuscitation of State and government agencies, and sectors that are now experiencing decline.

The minister lauded the efforts made by those involved in the crafting of the budget. He explained that such a feat would normally take over 150 days, but Budget 2020 was done in a record 22 days.

“This achievement is extraordinary,” he underscored. The Budget is themed, “Our plan for prosperity”.


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