A system based on meritocracy and transparency will be actively pursued in the Public Sector to ensure there is equal access and equal opportunity to public servants. This was according to the Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill, today as he reads Budget 2020 in the National Assembly.

“We cannot afford to continue to lose our talented and efficient public servants because we are unable to pay them a competitive wage, and neither can we continue to reward inefficient public servants who bring disrepute to the public service,” he told the House.

As such, the government intends to oversee and implement new management practices, such as a Performance Management System, while exploiting technological advancements.

He noted that the government will be moving to ensure that public servants are well-trained and equipped to operate in the service.

“Government will pursue strategic initiatives to ensure efficient and effective human resource management as well as human resource development…We must ensure equal access and equal opportunity is afforded so that a diverse and efficient public service is realised. As such, fully-funded Government of Guyana scholarships will be made available,” the Ministry said.

He added that department and agencies of the Government will be incentivised to ensure good employment policies and greater efficiency, while addressing the critical issue of emoluments packages.


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