The Guyana Police Force said that it is aware of an article circulating on social media which was penned by the Guyana News Network, alleging that orders were given by Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’ (ag) Mr. Clifton Hicken to shoot protesters at West Coast Berbice and East Coast Demerara.

In response, the Force’s Administration clarified that no such orders were given to any of its ranks, and further advises that the Guyana Police Force remains committed to its mandate as set out in Chapter 16:01 of the Laws of Guyana, as well as its Standard Operating Procedures which guide the use of force.

The Force is also aware of deliberate and consistent efforts by individuals or groups of individuals to spread misinformation, designed to create mayhem in society.

On this note, the author or authors behind these publications are warned to desist from these acts, which are not only unlawful but detrimental to the safety and security of the country.


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