The Government has set aside over $3B in the National 2020 Budget to help the ailing housing sector.

“This allocation will be utilised for various activities including infrastructural development in existing housing schemes, land preparation for new housing schemes and land acquisition. To this end, the capacity for delivery of the aforementioned will be enhanced as well as the CHPA’s enforcement arm, in order to address the issue of squatting, while providing a more robust and fair system of land acquisition,” Minister of Public Works, Bishop Edghill noted during his presentation of the Budget yesterday.

The minister said that during the past five years the APNU+AFC Administration served “a disincentive to young professionals, Guyanese families and all seeking home ownership”.

In contrast, the Minister said the new Government has already set a “progressive and expansive” housing agenda that will see the provision of at least 50,000 house lots to Guyanese over the next five years.

In addition to this, beneficiaries of housing initiatives pre-2015 will see further improvement in services in varying communities. Moreover, young professionals, individuals with an immediate need and persons with adequate disposable income will be facilitated to commence construction.

The private sector has also been included in the Government’s plan to create a comprehensive housing strategy.


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